While almost everyone has some idea of their dream wedding, it can look very different for almost everyone. While some might dream of a small, intimate affair surrounded only by close family and friends, others may dream of a ceremony in some exotic locale. While there are some drawbacks to destination weddings, they also come with some very specific benefits. Here are four advantages to destination weddings. 


Can save you money

Some of the most spectacular locales are often in regions of the world where the dollar might be very strong. For instance, a wedding at a seaside resort in California might run you several thousand dollars more than the same wedding at a resort in Mexico. Similarly, a wedding in Bali or Indonesia might actually be cheaper than a wedding in Hawaii. In many cases, airline tickets can be the largest expense of planning a destination wedding, but you can often use travel points or find other ways to cover your travel costs. 


Can save you a great deal of time and energy

When planning a local wedding, you will most likely have to coordinate with a number of different vendors and make an endless array of decisions. Many places that are popular wedding destinations will already have wedding packages available, which will significantly decrease the number of decisions you need to make about every aspect of your wedding while still providing you with a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime event. 


Helps cut down your guest list

While many people may want just to have a simple, small wedding, they may feel obligated to invite a much larger group of family and friends. Conversely, family and friends that are not even particularly close to you may feel obligated to attend simply because they were invited. Destination weddings help minimize the “guilt factor” on both sides of the equation, helping you to have a wedding with only guests that genuinely want to be there. 


Better experience for your guests

The fact of the matter is that no matter where you have your wedding, most of your guests will have to travel anyway. By planning a destination wedding, your guests can also enjoy a few days in a beautiful destination while also helping you celebrate your nuptials.