Most people search online before they go looking for a store in person, so your business needs an online presence. Here are a few basics.

Have a Website
It is not uncommon for small businesses to skip having a proper website. Many start with just a Facebook page which is less than ideal. 

Your website doesn’t have to be very big, and it doesn’t have to be updated all that often. You can do regular updates via social media platforms like Facebook, but you need a proper website. Don’t skip this essential step.

Do Social Media
There is no need to be on every social media platform out there, so don’t spread yourself too thin. But do have some social media presence because many people will assume your business does not exist if you don’t have to show up at all on social media.

Research where you are likely to find your customer base and go with that. If you are a visual artist, you probably want to be on Instagram or Pinterest because they are image-rich. If you have a business in a small town, you will probably want to be on Facebook.

Be Active
At least once a week, post something to social media or do a blog post or otherwise show your face online. If you never post online, people will assume your business died, and you just never bothered to take down the accounts associated with it.

Using a widget on your website to show your latest social media activity can help kill two birds with one stone. It can help assure people who find your website that you and your business are still alive.

Add Value
Everyone knows why you want to be seen online: To promote your business. But ask yourself: What’s in it for them?

Why should your customers bother to read your post? Is it interesting? Is it informative? Does it enhance their lives in some manner? It’s okay to keep it small, but don’t be invisible. Your bottom line will thank you.