Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian islands and remains one of the most visited locations. When desiring big city fun, dining and shopping, guests venture to the island’s capital of Honolulu. The metropolis has cafes, restaurants, and other eateries that easily accommodate a wide variety of cuisine preferences. However, some destinations come highly recommended. 

Waiahole Poi Factory 

Owned and operated by the Hoe family, the restaurant is the place to go when desiring to sample traditional Hawaiian meals. See poi made by pounding taro roots and perhaps get a taste. Feast on a kalua pig, which is made by seasoning pork shoulder with sea salt and slow cooked in ti leaves until fork tender. Maybe enjoy a bowl of long chicken rice, which is the Hawaiian version of chicken noodle soup. Seafood lovers might choose the Lomi salmon, which is salted and cooked with onions and tomatoes and topped with a traditional sauce. Finish the meal by indulging in a dessert created from locally grown coconuts. 

Palace Saimin 

When in the mood for Asian cuisine, stop by the palace, which specializes in Chinese and Japanese meals. Diners desiring traditional comfort foods might order a small, medium, large or extra large bowl of saimin curly noodles served in a broth with green onions. Up a daily protein requirement by opting for pork-filled wonton served with saimin, broth, and green onions. Tender tri-stip steaks on bamboo skewers and dipped in the house BBQ sauce is another commonly ordered delight. 

Ethel’s Grill 

The often frequented grill is owned and operated by Ryoko Ishii and her children. Dishes created here represent a fusion of Mexican, Okinawan and Japanese cuisines. Meals are prepared and served with mild to extremely spicy seasonings to appease many different taste buds. Maybe start the meal with a bowl of pork and green chili stew known as chili Verde. Try the seared ahi topped with marinated garlic chips. Perhaps select an Okinawa-inspired taco made with ground beef, lettuce, shredded cheese, and rice in a hard taco shell. Many prefer the seafood dishes made using freshly caught black cod or Mahi Mahi tuna.