A winter wedding can accommodate any unique idea and tradition. It can take place indoors under LED lights or outdoors under a canopy of trees. Guests may be warm enough to dress in short sleeves or have to remain in their coats and jackets. The beauty of winter weddings is that any idea can work in the couple’s favor.

Firelight is an ideal contrast
When people think of winter, they automatically think of fireplaces that keep people warm. Adding firelight to this occasion will help guests think of a glowing fireplace in a wintry cabin. Some couples light candles all over the room to promote the warmth and glow of the season.

Plant winter plants
A winter wedding looks more authentic with decorations of plants that only grow in the winter. Hanging a wreath on the entrance door is another well-known symbol of the season. Guests are convinced more when the wedding plants and flowers are sprayed with real or artificial snow. Artificial snow can be made using basic household ingredients and can be sprayed in outdoor settings. 

Keeping guests warm indoors
A common myth about winter weddings is that everyone has to sit in freezing cold temperatures. Modern technology has made it easier to create dramatic contrasts in indoor designs. A room that is decorated to look like a winter wonderland can be as warm as a summer afternoon. Couples are encouraged not to bring great distress to their guests and to ensure that the event is remembered for being comfortable.

Serving wintertime foods and drinks
There are many foods and drinks that are only served during the winter season. Guests will enjoy consuming their favorites from hot cocoa to stew and fondue. Couples should consider serving fruits that flourish in the winter, like pomegranate, cherries, and crabapples. Some couples take things further by including popular winter traditions, such as decorating a Christmas tree or making snowmen, into their wedding celebrations.

Not all weddings are held in May or June. A wedding is beautiful at any time of year, but its celebrations are most memorable against the backdrop of winter. Tying the knot amidst a winter setting is a way of being unique, remaining proper, and creating one’s own wedding bliss.