A room block is a series of rooms in a hotel that you can reserve for your special event. This allows your guests to stay together in the same section or floor of the hotel for greater convenience. This type of arrangement must be reserved in advance, so it’s important to make these plans as early as possible. Reserving your block of rooms will make it easier for the hotel while also helping out-of-town guests set their travel plans.

Choose a Hotel With a Good Location
If you do not have the reception in the hotel, you’ll want to ensure you choose accommodations that are conveniently located. Out-of-town guests may not be familiar with the area, so keeping all of your guests together in the same block of rooms will make it easier to plan logistics. You can arrange for a charter bus to pick your guests up at the hotel and transport them to the church or another wedding venue.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate
It can help you save money to mention to the hotel’s staff that you’re considering another hotel that’s comparable in amenities and costs. Follow that up by asking if they can drop their rates or add on a few more rooms to your block. You may be able to save an additional $10 to $30 per room on your costs. If the hotel seems unwilling to budge on the room block, ask about getting a discount on the rate for your wedding suite. Any discount will be helpful in mitigating your costs for accommodations.

Ask for Special Concessions
If you reserve a predetermined number of rooms for your block, you may be eligible for extra hotel perks. This is usually a percentage of the hotel’s total number of rooms, so you will have to ask what the minimum room block size is to qualify for concessions. This can be more beneficial when you’re expecting a large number of guests, so you should even encourage your local guests to stay in the room block. 

In addition to providing greater convenience for your guests, reserving a room block will also help you plan a more immersive experience. The celebration can extend to your block of rooms, helping your guests enjoy themselves throughout their stay. Your guests will have that extra space to prepare for the wedding and to celebrate after the reception ends.