Beaches are the most romantic places on Earth, and they hold many of our fondest memories. Use these tips to plan a gorgeous tropical beach wedding.


Choosing a beach

Research is key to planning a wedding in paradise. You don’t want to get married in the middle of hurricane season! Study up on local weather patterns. Make a preliminary visit before selecting your spot. Because you’ll be outdoors, you need to be aware of the hottest time of day and when the sunsets. 


You should also think about how your guests will be traveling to the location. Find out if direct flights are available. Look into reserving a local hotel block. Send out save-the-dates around six months in advance. As always, be very clear about your expectations for guests.


If you’re getting married on a public beach, you’ll need the proper permits. Consider booking with a beachfront resort that has private beach access, a wedding experience, and the capacity for all your guests. 


Setting up

Beaches are beautiful. They can also be sandy, windy, and loud. You’ll have to get practical with every piece of the ceremony.


Acrylic chairs, for example, can weather a coastal rain burst better than upholstered seats. Choose decor pieces that won’t blow away. To keep the wedding party from dragging through the sand, create a makeshift aisle out of carpets. Beach weather can be fickle; be sure to provide a canopy or tent to afford protection from the elements. 


Outside, amidst the ambient rush of waves and wind, your voices will not project as well as they would indoors. Consider renting speakers for the ceremony. 


Getting dressed

When it comes to attire, plan on keeping it light. A more casual dress code will keep everyone comfortable. Some beach weddings include a “shoe valet” where guests can trade in their nice shoes for ceremony sandals. You could also offer practical goodies like sunscreen, hats, and blankets for guests to use. 


When it comes to the wedding party, opt for lightweight fabrics. Beat the heat with hair updos. Avoid veils, which will blow around in the wind. Take photographs early before sunburn and sweat get in the way.