When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to set a budgetary limit for every vendor you will use. This is also true for hiring a caterer. Once you set a specific budget, you’ll be in a much better position to start shopping for the right caterer for your special day. 

Meet With Each Caterer
You can assemble a list of good caterers in your community by asking friends and co-workers about the wedding caterers they have used. Once you have a list, you should meet with each caterer in their places of business. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate each caterer’s professionalism, cleanliness, and demeanor. Trust those feelings if your instincts tell you not to consider a particular caterer.

Check Online Reviews
Your next step should be to check online customer reviews for each caterer on your list. This will help you weed out caterers with poor performance or poor food quality history. When you see that several past customers have commented on the same negative patterns, you should assume you would experience similar problems. It’s better to look for caterers that have positively impressed their past customers. While every business will have some negative reviews, focus on caterers with a higher number of positive reviews.

Schedule a Tasting
Schedule a tasting with each one once you have narrowed down your choices to two or three catering companies. Previously, you should have discussed the menu, so these remaining caterers should be prepared to offer samples from your specific wedding menu. As a general rule, schedule each tasting for a different day and avoid eating or drinking anything before each tasting. This will ensure your palate is clean and the taste sensations you get from each sample will be accurate. 

You will finish this process by signing a contract with the caterer you have chosen. Before signing anything, you should read the full contract to ensure it includes any promises the caterer has made to you. It’s also important to check the costs you’ll be charged for the food and services the cater intends to provide. Once you verify that everything is accurate, you can sign the contract.