Traveling to Hawaii for a wedding is a gift in and of itself for your guests. However, many couples choose to add a special touch to their day by handing out wedding favors. Aside from the memories of watching your ceremony, dancing at the reception and indulging in a feast, your guests can also take home a meaningful favor reminding them of the time they traveled to Hawaii for your wedding. Without further ado, continue reading to discover some of these souvenirs!

Chocolate-Covered Macadamia Nuts

Even though this souvenir will likely be eaten before they’ve even touched back down on the mainland or returned to their Hawaiian villa, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts are a staple snack of the islands. After working off their dinner during the dance portion of the evening, your guests will be delighted to see you offering them an additional snack to take home.

Sunscreen/Aloe Lotion

If your guests are sticking around in Hawaii as most choose to do, you can give them the practical favor of travel-sized sunscreen or aloe lotion. Given that they’ll be soaking up the sun during their time on the islands, they’ll appreciate this thoughtful wedding favor. There is a ban on certain chemicals in sunscreen in order to protect Hawaii’s coral reefs and marine life, but most sunscreens you find there will follow these guidelines.

Guide for Restaurants and Activities

Given that some guests may travel from afar for your Hawaii wedding, you can have a guide made up which recommends the best local restaurants and activities for your guests to experience for the duration of their trip. This guide will also be an excellent addition to your wedding photo book if you have one made up. This unique favor not only benefits your guests but will also benefit the local businesses on the islands.

Honolulu Cookie Company Cookies

Honolulu Cookie Company is a staple business on the Hawaiian islands known for producing pineapple-shaped cookies in a wide variety of flavors. The beloved cookie business also makes individual boxes for the purpose of being used as a wedding favor, each of these holding two cookies. Pro tip: make sure you ask your wedding planner to set any extras aside for you to indulge in when you return from your honeymoon!

Orchid Leis

To make your wedding one that is remembered, you can hand out orchid leis to your guests. Although it doesn’t take much to make your wedding memorable, given the fact that it will be in the beautiful state of Hawaii, handing out orchid leis will take the wow factor one step further. While these leis usually only last a few days until wilting, they will be a meaningful wedding favor and most likely inspire many photo ops.