Pulling off the perfect wedding is a big, complicated job. Things can — and probably will — go wrong. When a problem pops up, it’s important to take care of it as quickly as possible so that you can get back to what matters: celebrating the union between you and your partner. Prepare yourself by learning some common wedding problems and how to solve them.

Weather Disasters
If there’s a list of things you can’t control for your wedding day, Mother Nature is at the top of it. For a springtime ceremony, consider what you’ll do if it rains or storms. Have tents ready or a backup indoor location. In the summer, heat can be an issue. An outdoor wedding with the sun beating down on you means people are vulnerable to passing out — especially members of your wedding party. Indoors, lack of circulation, and cooling can make guests overheat. Prepare a shaded area, have fans ready, and make sure your loved ones stay hydrated.

Budget Woes
Everything related to getting married is expensive. However much you think you’re going to need, you’re probably underestimating. There are also “hidden” costs, and these add up. For example, you should factor alterations into the cost of wedding attire. A simple adjustment can cost hundreds of dollars. You might also run into additional fees for cleaning up your wedding or reception venue. Postage, gift bags, and gratuities also add to your final costs.

Vendor Issues
From flowers to food, vendors provide the vital elements of your wedding. This means that if they mess up, it throws off your entire big day. The florist brings the wrong color flowers. The caterer forgets the vegetarian option on your menu. The photographer doesn’t show up. Some mistakes are inevitable, but you can mitigate your chance of hiring a nightmare vendor by investigating their background. Don’t just read reviews. Contact past clients and ask them about their experiences. Create an ironclad contract that details their duties and gives you an out — or at least a refund — if they cause a disaster on your wedding day.