Destination weddings are the fulfillment of dreams: white sands, blue skies, and gentle waves lapping up on the beach, while a deliriously happy couple beams as they are surrounded by their closest loved ones. Or, perhaps, they are on the top of a hill in Tuscany surrounded by olive groves with the scent of lemon in the air. To reach this point, however, requires a firm financial commitment from all parties involved, including both the planning of the wedding and covering its cost. Dreams do come true, but it takes hard work and preparation to land on the sunny shores of Mexico or in the Italian countryside.


The initial financial decisions of a destination wedding occur in the planning stages, as all aspects of a wedding must be considered. Where will the wedding take place? Will it be on the beach in Jamaica or on the banks of the Seine? Will it be an intimate affair, with only close friends and family, or will there be a large guest list? How much is the airfare to the destination? Can all attendees stay in the same type of lodging, or will multiple venues need to be secured? Is there a local expert who can help with planning, or will everything need to be done long-distance? Will flowers be locally sourced or imported? The answers to these questions, as well as others, will help to determine the financial commitment that a couple will need for their destination wedding.


Once the approximate cost of the wedding is known, couples can work on mitigating those costs to conform to their budgets. For example, many resorts offer all-inclusive wedding packages that include airfare, hotel, meals, and more. These packages can be an economical way to celebrate a joyful occasion, and they ensure that everyone is well-taken care of, from swimming in infinity pools to eating special diets. Couples can also consider having a weekday wedding as opposed to a weekend wedding, as weekdays are often cheaper for events. If the celebrants are especially crafty, they can DIY parts of the ceremony, such as the flowers or wedding favors, which will save money. A smaller guest list will help keep costs down, too. However they choose to celebrate, destination weddings are always magical for couples!